Magdalena El Ghamari


Subject and purpose of work: The main goal is to offer more productive approach to security culture: viewing culture as a logical system which can be understood using theories and principles developed.
Materials and methods: Cultural security issue collaborative research and discovery of literature to fully exploit social networks and open source material.
Results: Cultural security issue analyzes the hard and soft power of antiquities, artworks, religious monuments, and historic structures as indicators of the political economy of cultural property.
Conclusions: Analyses of the political significance of historic structures and religious monuments and the licit and illicit global market for antiquities and artworks provide insights into the strategic role of cultural property in diplomacy and international security. Integrating operational cultural principles into the specific conditions is the future and will bring depth to touchstones such as “no better friend, no worse enemy,” and “first, do no harm”.


El Ghamari M. (2017), Culture security - selected issues/ Bezpieczeństwo kulturowe – wybrane aspekty. Economic and Regional Studies. Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 96-109.


culture security; security; cross cultural awareness; cross cultural communication; operational culture

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